Amsterdam Forest

Amsterdam Forest

13 september 2018 0 Door Jan Willem

Amsterdam prijst op dit moment, voor de toeristen van buiten Europa, Bloemendaal aan als Amsterdam Beach. Of wat dacht je van Urk als New Land. Wat als we nu eens naar Epe kijken door diezelfde ogen? Amsterdam Forest?

Amsterdam Forest


Just beyond the Amsterdam suburb Amersfoort the Amsterdam Forest begins. One of Europes largest Forest areas forms a great contrast with the Amsterdam city-life. Right on the far east edge of the forest lies one the most interesting communities of Amsterdam Forest: the municipality Epe. Located at the east edge of this famous and international protected forest, Epe offers you the best opportunities to experience everything Amsterdam Forest has to offer.

Amsterdam Forest is packed with wildlife. Wild boars, deer, badgers, foxes, mouflon and even a grey wolf can be spotted in these forests west of Epe. Epe itself is famous for the wild boars walking right through the residential areas. People have learned, overtime, to co-exist with these beautiful animals.

Wild boars in Epe

Recently the people of Epe have tried to keep the boars within Amsterdam Forest, but even a new fence of several miles doesn’t keep them away. So just to be sure, if you want to see these boars, just take a walk in the forest, hire a bike or horse and experience one of Europes most beautiful forests. Many trails for hiking or horseback riding will bring you to the most beautiful sights deep within the forest.


If you think Amsterdam City offers you culture, think again. 3,000 years BC Amsterdam forest was already inhabited, with famous burial monuments as lasting evidence. Dating 500 years before the piramides in Egypt where build, these monuments prove these regions of The Netherland were inhabited long before Amsterdam. The best preserved monuments, “Grafheuvels” are to be found between Niersen and Vaassen, two villages in the municipality of Epe.

Canneburch Vaassen. jachtslot van Amsterdam Forest
Canneburch Vaassen

From a much later era, the late middle ages, castle Canneburch dates. This castle in Vaassen is surrounded by a magnificent park with beautiful trees and avenues.

The part of the forest that starts at Vaassen is part of the forest used for hunting by the Dutch royals, making this part of Amsterdam forest a bit like Sherwood forest, just without Robin Hood.

From the seventeenth century dates our famous old farm located in Epe, Hagedoorns Plaatse. When Amsterdam city was growing due to the V.O.C. the rural area surrounding Amsterdam was producing food for the rich tradesmen of the V.O.C. making it possible for them to make The Netherlands as prosperous as we are now. At Hagedoorns Plaatse you can find out how the Dutch were fed during these centuries.

Bought some authentic wooden shoes in Amsterdam? Who doesn’t! Bring them because Oene a small village at the east side of Epe can give you the best experience! A special trail is made through the countryside for testing your brand new wooden shoes. Feel yourself a real authentic Dutchman and experience one of the international highlights of our culture.



Being hungry from al this nature and culture, you are exactly in the right place. In Vaassen you can find restaurant De Leest, the nearest three star restaurant from Amsterdam Central station.

But you can also go to De Ossenstal in Epe, located deep within Amsterdam Forest. Don’t look scared when a wild boar passes by, or a majestic deer shows up when you are enjoying your typical Dutch pancake.

Of course we know you want to enjoy the wildlife, culture and taste longer then your visit. Just go to Emst or Oene and visit our famous butcher Ter Weele. Here you can buy the best meat specialities made from our wild boars or deer. Just be careful bringing these goods home, customs might want to keep them for themselves.

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